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Flag Football League 101

The football season is not too far and it is never too late for you to prepare for the following season. Among the many things that you must do when planning for a new team formation is to get your flag football gear together.

If you like to have an official flag football team, then you must first determine what are the important things to have. Official needs equipment that must be properly set up in the field and at the same time, to what team is needed by every player. There is also basic set of flag football equipment that will keep the ball rolling. If you’re the one organizing for the league, then you have to put a list together in order to establish different teams. Through this, it’ll be all fitted out for play.

To have an official game according to the US Flag Football Association, there are field equipment that has to be present. In the next paragraphs, you are going to learn what these items are.

Number 1. In order to know what is out of bounds, inbound and end zones as well, it is essential to have markings to designate them. The markings could be set out by using a machine otherwise known as chalk marker or if you want a more elaborate marker, you can go for acrylic latex paint field marker. These items can be bought in a larger sporting goods shop.

Number 2. Installation of the permanent goals at boundaries of each end zone for use of points made after a touchdown and field goals is a must. The goals are going to define as the two upright posts extending up to 20 feet above the level of playing field while inside measurements are roughly 23 feet and 4 inches apart. There must be a horizontal bar that connects the two upright posts at juncture of 10 feet above the level of playing field.

Number 3. There needs to be a down marker which will indicate advancing location for every touchdown and also, to which down number is at play.

With regards to the flag football gear, it’s crucial that all players have a complete set of gears and equipment to play the official game like:

Number 1. Regular football jersey along with a number in solid blocked format on back and front for it will serve as their official uniform. And to have easy identification while playing, the opposing team has to wear contrasting color.

Number 2. Footwear shall have any kind of shoe that is covering the entire foot. The shoe’s upper portion can be made from leather, canvas or synthetic material while the sole needs to be composed of rubber, leather or synthetic composite material.

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